As a charity we have limited resources. Most of our time is spent coordinating Open House events, assessing and adding more SuperHomes, fundraising and delivering paid services which help fund the growth of the network.

If you need advice or information there are a number of places that you could try:

1) Look at our detailed Eco Renovation FAQs section. You can filter for topics of particular interest to you.

2) If you have a technical question you could enter a question on our Forum (you will need to register first), then SuperHomers or other experts can respond.

3) If you want to find out if users are pleased with a particular technology, you can find a SuperHome in our database which has that technology installed and then contact the owner using the contact form at the bottom of their page.

4) For strategic advice on your own refurb you can contact one of the advisors with SuperHomes. A number of the SuperHomers have advice or project management businesses to assist you in your own renovation. They charge for this service.

5) You can contact one of our partners or the other organisations that we have links with.

6) If you still cannot find the information you are searching for then you can contact us using via email using our contact form to the right.

We do not offer technical advice over the phone and are unable to take sales calls.

However, we welcome constructive feedback and ideas.

If you find the information on this website of value, please donate so we can provide more of it.

If you would like to join the SuperHome network, you can find more information here.

For general enquiries, please use the contact form.

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