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Why do we matter?

The UK’s 25 million homes currently account for 27% of UK carbon emissions. It is estimated that as many as 80% of all homes that will be in standing in 2050 have already been built. This means that refurbishing existing homes is a priority if we are to both reduce our environmental impact, increase home comfort and lower our energy bills.

The Sustainable Energy Academy initiated SuperHomes to help demonstrate what is achievable through home improvement. Through demonstration, others are inspired to action.

"Visiting these retrofits gives you great hope. It confirms that low carbon living is possible without depriving yourself of life’s small pleasures, without having to cramp either your style or your living space and without sacrificing the fun"

What’s it worth?

SuperHomers give their time entirely free of charge and the charity is very efficient (about 1.5 paid staff equivalent!) so do dig deep.

Open Day Visitors

Over 50,000 visitors have attended free SuperHome Open Days. If each visitor donated the cost of a bottle of wine, our 500 homes target would be entirely achievable.

It costs £300 to assess and add a SuperHome to the network. But, we doubt your choice of wine is that expensive!

Website User

150,000 visitors now enjoy our free online videos and articles each year. If each donated £1, our future would be secure.

It does, however, cost the charity £10,000s to keep delivering fresh videos, articles and open home events.

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