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    I’m new to all this, and about to move house into a place that needs some work doing on it. My partner and I would like to swot up ahead of time. What books or magazines (or websites) would people recommend as a beginners’ introduction? I’m thinking of something that gives a good general overview which could be used as a jumping off point, with more specific research on particular materials or options being done later. In case it’s relevant, the house in question is an extended 1930s semi.

    I’ve looked at book reviews for various eco-refurb books on Amazon but the views on the books are a little confusing as they diverge quite a bit.

    Thank you!




    I agree there’s lots of info, mind boggling. 😕 and go to ‘saving it’ then scroll down to ‘cavity fill, blind faith’ read on.
    any further questions, hope to help.
    It is also worth checking out the SEA open days

    Regards Odbob



    Here are a couple of good sites on the subject, 3 Acorns also has related books.



    I suggest you look at green building press and Centre for Alternative Technology’s shop too There are a growing number of specialists on eco building so ideally you should get advice before you start as DIY is not always the best option! This website has some suggestions under My Green Builder.



    Thanks for those tips everyone. I’m now following up and reading the interesting links and suggestions.




    I know a book written by Peter Smith called Eco-Refurbishment: A Practical Guide to Creating an Energy Efficient Home. Another one is called Ecohouse by Sue Roaf. I’m sure you can find them at Amazon.



    Sustainable Home Refurbishment by David Thorpe is very clearly written and illustrated and covers pretty much all bases in terms of deciding how you’d want to proceed. David has written a number of excellent articles for the Eco Renovation FAQs section of the SuperHomes website.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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