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    I have a query regarding insulation that hopefully some one could  , I want to internally insulate my walls as i never done it when i built my house, due to being uncertain about the best method to use as drylining or insulated plasterboard does come with its flaws. At present its a 100 mm cavity wall with a insulation board, with pumped bead insulation, but i want to improve the standard of insulation in my home so i have less heat loss.

    Some people have said that the best method is to timber stud the walls and fill it with insulation and apply a plasterboard to finish, would you recommended this . Much appreciated if  someone could  help with this topic as everyone seems to have a different opinion and can be quiet confusing.



    As you’ve already got polystyrene bead in your cavity (which is thermally very good and was possibly installed with a generous subsidy) further insulation on your walls is going to be a lot more relative expense, for diminishing returns. Maybe there are other changes that would give you a better ROI? Nonetheless, do see the articles on this site on DIY internal wall insulation and the pros and cons of internal wall insulation for more. If you added more wall insulation, you’d presumably be seeking much greater control of ventilation and airtightness in your home to secure these extra heat retention gains, which might require additional investment in MVHR. Food for thought perhaps…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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