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Smoke/mvhr/insulated plasterboard?

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    Sara Pratt

    Lots of things going on at once here… I’m not sure what to do next. What would you do?

    We bought the house April 2014 with extensive cigarette smoke damage. Most of our efforts so far have been sealing the nicotine mess and redecorating to make this house minimally-liveable. MANY things have needed repaired along the way.

    We have just fixed the radiator in the master bedroom and the cigarette smell is BACK! This radiator was treated like all the other working radiators, other rooms do not smell-yet. To investigate the smell, we’ve removed the radiators. The smell is mostly gone in that room with the 3 windows open OR closed, but when a heater warms the room the smell increases significantly and I can’t be in the room without ill effects. With my unscientific ‘sniff’ test, I *think* the smell is coming from the gaps between floor and skirting boards near the radiator.

    So – HELP!! We are on a very tight budget but want to do this right to FIX the residual smells AND create a super-home. I want to do everything all at once and asap but it’s not possible.

    We are considering installing plasterboard on three external first floor walls to help with insulation, hopefully this would help to hide odours.

    We are also interested in MVHR to improve air quality. Would this again help with removing odours?

    We’re concerned that we might start all this work towards improving the energy efficiency of the house, only for the cigarette smells to come back at a later date. With Cigarette smoke damage, I’m having a hard time finding sources that will say ‘this will fix it’! I just don’t want to find out in 8 months time that we didn’t fix it ENOUGH and should have done more.

    This weekend we have worked to remove everything from this room. I feel uncomfortable with the temporary living arrangements already and just want to get it with the solution.

    Does anyone have any advice on how we should best proceed? Any help will be gratefully accepted!



    Hi Sarah. Not much on specific fixes but one thing is certain, the condensed cigarette smoke products are volatile – or you wouldn’t be able to smell them. Ergo some day the smell will go of it’s own as there will be none left so to speak.
    So ultimately, time will heal the problem. That’s not reassuring in the short term, and I have no idea how long that would be. Quicker in the summer when it’s all warmer of course.

    If you are considering internal dry lining/remedial insulation, then the vapour barrier you must install (behind the plasterboard) would prevent the contamination reaching the living space. Even if you are not internally insulating, you may see new foil backed plasterboard as a great opportunity to cover up old artex.. Just a thought.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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