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Does the sustainable home refurbishment you have carried out make your property eligible for SuperHome status? SuperHomes emit at least 60% less carbon dioxide.

If you think that changes you have made to your home would achieve a 60% carbon saving, why not apply for SuperHome status?

What SuperHomes can do for you
SuperHomes is designed to recognise the achievements of homeowners who have gone the extra mile in their eco refurbishment and achieved a very high level of energy efficiency. We can:

  • provide a view on whether your home could make the standard
  • have a qualified assessor calculate and confirm the carbon saving
  • feature your home on our website where it meets the standard
  • help connect you with people interested in retrofitting their homes
  • keep you informed with a regular network members only newsletter

What SuperHomers do for the public
The SuperHomes network aims to showcase energy efficient renovation. Therefore, we would expect you as a SuperHomer to:

  • open your house to the public (usually for a day in September)
  • promote your Open Day locally (we take care of national promotion)
  • show visitors what makes your home sustainable and low carbon
  • contribute to the website – especially your own page and the forum
  • be accommodating if a journalist would like to write about your home

How we assess your home
Some people reduce their carbon emissions by getting a different job which means that they are at home less, or perhaps their emissions rise when they have a new baby and give up work. We are trying to measure what the situation would be if a family lived in a house with their own specific behaviour patterns and then undertook an energy efficient renovation, and then continued to live in the same way as before.

We calculate any carbon reduction from the fabric of the property, not by looking at your fuel bills. This is because, although we appreciate that behaviour change is very important in reducing emissions, what we are trying to show is what can be done to the home to make it more sustainable.

How to apply
To start the application process, please download and complete a Measures Template.

Download the SuperHome Data Collection Form

There is one column for changes that you have made and a second column where you can note any changes made by the previous occupant. This is to enable us to take account of any changes to the property over the years.

Once you have filled in and saved the template, please use the contact form below to send it back to us. We can usually give you a prompt answer on whether or not we think your home will make SuperHome standard. However, the process of assessing a home and providing a certificate can take up to 6 months. To maximise our impact, we prioritise applicants who are keen to open to the public at our next national open days, those that are most likely to achieve the 60% reduction and those who live in areas where there are currently none or very few existing SuperHomes.

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