1 million online visitors join the SuperHomes success story

Thanks to continued interest in online content and Open Days, the SuperHomes website has now attracted over 1 million visitors. This is another impressive milestone passed, with 46,000 views of the website’s most popular article in the last 12 months alone.

Online Marketing Manager, Gordon Glass, said “You can’t argue with this volume of web traffic. SuperHomes meets a serious need for independent guidance on what works in home refurbishment from people who have been there and done it. Readers are spending over 6 minutes reading each of our Top 10 articles, which shows the very high level of interest. ”

Visitors quiz Luke Smith at his SuperHome Open Day

Visitors quiz Luke Smith at his SuperHome Open Day

Over 40 detailed product reviews by SuperHomers are planned for the website in the coming months. This will further increase the helpfulness of the website to households and manufacturers.

2000 visitors attended SuperHome Open Days across 50 homes in September 2016 – representing a huge vote in favour of a brighter, more sustainable future.

It was another phenomenal year for positive feedback, which continued to highlight how much visitors enjoy tours, Q&A sessions and a warm welcome.

90% of visitors described their visitor experience as Excellent or Very Good (vs 80% in 2015).

94% said it was Very Likely or Quite likely they would recommend SuperHomes to a friend.

Critically, 94% say it is Very Likely or Quite Likely that they will take further steps to green their own home which is, of course, what it’s all about!

Clearly, visitors were once more inspired…

“So wonderful to ‘see’ the vision, ethics, ethos and design all embodied in one property.”

“Highly informative and thought provoking – inspires for future action.”

“Incredibly inspirational to see such a range of interventions and invaluable to hear the realities of someone’s experience!”

SuperHomes was well supported by partners and their websites and newsletters this year – particularly by Heritage Open Days, Open House London, YouGen, 10:10, the Energy Saving Trust (in both London and Scotland) and Green Building Ezine.

Community and council channels also highlighted the events – CAG in Oxon, CSE, Ealing Transition, Highgate Society and London Environmental Coordinators Network, and around 20 Parish newsletters in Oxon, Bucks, Herts, Berks and Chiltern, plus newspapers like the Bristol Post, Shropshire Live and others contacted by openers. Energy Live covered the events with a video.

SuperHomes attracted around 300 volunteer days of support over the last 12 months helping make these open days and other online services available to visitors.

Calling all potential sponsors

The National Energy Foundation is keen to provide more opportunities for the public to connect with SuperHomes, so inspiration turns into retrofit action! The plan is for more SuperHomes – one in every locality. That means many more assessments to identify those refurbished homes that meet the exacting 60% carbon saving standard. There is also the potential for more events, and more on-going practical guidance for homeowners planning a refurbishment.

In the context of SuperHomes, any sponsorship, grants, philanthropic giving and donations clearly go a very long way thanks to the huge voluntary support from SuperHome owners and those that volunteer their time to support the project in the run up to the Open Days.

Please donate here and  contact the team if you are connected with a company or organisation that would like to contribute to and benefit from the SuperHomes growth story.

In particular it is hoped that product manufacturers and distributors will step up their support over the next 12 months. The website already provides over 200 case studies of older homes transformed by their owners for greater comfort, lower bills and far fewer carbon emissions. Add to this popular videos, articles, a forum and the option to ask questions directly of SuperHomers and the appeal to people searching for independent insights is clear to see. A whole house retrofit involves a lot of technology. SuperHomes is acting like a magnet for many people interested in home improvement – over 1 million to date!