200th SuperHome added as Open Days approach

It’s official: SuperHome 200 has arrived! By reducing their home’s carbon emissions by 62% Sue Roberts and Richard Harding of Wallingford have qualified Glebe House for SuperHome status. SuperHomes are older homes refurbished by their owners for greater comfort, lower bills and far lower carbon emissions – at least 60% lower! Sue and Richard’s beautifully refurbished 1960s property joins the ever-growing network of green homes, 60 of which will open to the public this September as part of SuperHome Open Days.

Sue Roberts at SuperHome 200

Sue Roberts at SuperHome 200 – solar panels provide electricity and hot water

SuperHomes Patron John Doggart commented, “We’re really delighted to hit another recruitment milestone. Every one of these 200 SuperHomes is an inspiration. Each one demonstrates how an older house can be transformed into a home of the future. All 200 are much less carbon intensive and much more comfortable.”

Sue Roberts echoes this statement when she says: We loved the big garden and the central Wallingford location, but the house was ugly, cold, and draughty. Now, our winters are warm and our summers are cool thanks to proper insulation and ventilation. It’s far more comfortable.”

SuperHome 200 is kitted out with a variety of green technologies. Loft, roof and external wall insulation work with the triple glazed windows and draught-proofing to create a more airtight, better insulated home that remains warm all through the winter. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery provides constant fresh air whilst maintaining a stable temperature in every room. Solar PV panels provide clean electricity and solar thermal pre-heats water used for washing. Rainwater is harvested and used for toilets, the washing machine and outside taps, and water saving devices can be found throughout the property.

Sue says “People have this impression that going green means sacrificing comfort and beautiful architecture; I hope our home shows this not to be true.”

External wall insulation keeps Glebe House warm

External wall insulation keeps Glebe House warm

Like many other SuperHome owners Sue and Richard have managed to incorporate beautiful design into their renovation. The loft has been transformed into a living space, lit by an array of skylights. The kitchen has also been redesigned to make optimum use of the spacious ground floor. External wall insulation provided an opportunity to change the exterior of the home, and the couple took it: they chose pale cream coloured render (which will never need to be re-painted) and blue window frames which gives the property a contemporary cottage feel. It is hard to believe the house is over 50 years old!

You can join a free tour of Sue and Richard’s SuperHome on Saturday 12 September when they open as part of SuperHome Open Days. The Open Days showcase eco renovation at its best, and you will have many to choose from as the pioneering owners of over 60 SuperHomes open their doors across the UK. The events are coordinated by the National Energy Foundation and supported by Green Open Homes. Entry is free.

For more information on booking a free visit to a SuperHome visit the SuperHome Locator map here.

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