2014 SuperHomes Video captures excitement of Open Days

SuperHomes was gifted the services of a video producer for three days as a result of winning a Sustainable Energy Europe Award in 2014. The resulting video really captures the excitement of the SuperHome Open Days in September 2014 and features some great contributions from network members old and new.

As the owner of the first house to be given SuperHome status, Sarah Harrison (shown in the video thumbnail) is a powerful advocate for the network. Her central message here is an expression of the same commitment to change that helped the network get started back in 2007…

“It doesn’t really matter whether you are doing it to save money, you are doing it because you want to be comfortable or you are doing it because you want to play your part in saving the planet. It all comes to the same thing. You need an energy efficient house.”

SuperHomers John Doggart, Tom Clyne and Jurgen Huber also feature in the video.

John is the Founder and Patron of SuperHomes. Tom’s tours are popular and his house features one of the earliest uses of the WHISCERS internal wall insulation system. Jurgen is one of the most proactive new members of the network. He recently refurbished a house to SuperHome standard in Lewisham, having lived with his young family on boats for many years.

Paul Capel’s Walter Segal retrofit (with the beautiful glazed passive solar chimney on the side) also features briefly in the video. SuperHomer Paul is a major advocate for Cradle to Cradle manufacture and recently set up the Cradle to Cradle Marketplace.

The video was shot by Stefano Lapasini over two days of the SuperHome Open Days which coinciding with Open House London in September 2014.

The video gives a hint of just how busy these London SuperHome events can get. Paul Capel reported that 400 people visited his home that day!