Ecoisland wins National Climate Week Community Award

Ecoisland – the Community Initiative that aims to make the Isle of Wight the first sustainable region in Britain – has been attracting a lot of publicity. Not only was it the leading project in a full page Financial Times article about Ecoislands. It also won the Climate Week Award for the Best Community Initiative! The project aims to harness the power of the wind, sun and sea to enable the island become self-sufficient in energy.

SuperHomer David Green, the Founder of the Ecoisland Partnership Community Interest Company who is leading this “green” movement on the Island, said at the Awards Ceremony that:

“I am delighted that the Isle of Wight Community has won this Award. It is recognition for all their hard work and the steps that they have been taking along the way to sustainability. With a range of “eco” measures already in place it is clear that we are well on the way to our target of Carbon Neutrality by 2020 and this Award is a milestone in the Project’s History. The Island Community should take credit for what it has already achieved.

In Climate Week, a week where we focus on all the issues and challenges arising from Climate Change it is clear that more people than ever are concerning themselves with the state of the planet and trying to do something about the damage that we have done over the millennia. There are many “doubters” who do not believe that our activity here has had any impact on our host BUT those of us working in the eco-business full time are very aware of the impact that we have had.

The weather engine is being fuelled, our protective atmosphere eroded, extremes of temperature and weather are being experienced all over the world, desertification is a real problem and water supplies are dwindling in many areas. Rainfall is predicted by the water companies to be coming in much more intense, short bursts which makes it harder to capture and they are planning for 10% reductions in available water. We cannot go on denying the influence we have over our Planet’s future and this Award is a sign that there is one Community in the UK which is taking the matter seriously and attempting to put in measures that will rectify things on the Isle of Wight.

Other Communities around the UK could follow their lead and apply the “Ecoisland” model to their region / town / village / community. It’s not about being an Island ( although it does make it easier to measure ) it is about considering sustainability “as a whole” with all the inputs and outputs of your region and trying to balance the equation leaving a lighter footprint on the Land. We are deeply grateful for the recognition of our effort that this Award  provides and it will help to fuel our progress towards a sustainable future.”

Visit the Ecoisland website for more information.