SEA and United House win Ashden Gold with WHISCERS

Ashden winners - SEA and United House – L to R: Chris Cheshire, Gabby Mallett, John Wright, John Doggart

Ashden winners – SEA and United House – L to R: Chris Cheshire, Gabby Mallett, John Wright, John Doggart

The Sustainable Energy Academy and United House picked up an Ashden Gold Award last week, recognising how far the pair’s WHISCERS™ insulation system could help reduce fuel poverty and increase home comfort in the UK’s 7 million solid wall properties.

™ is an innovative, fast, low mess system for internally insulating homes, which offers a major advantage – it can be installed with residents still in place!

Ashden Gold Award 2013

The Ashden 2013 UK Gold Award was presented by Ashden Founder Director Sarah Butler-Sloss at the ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 20th June.

WHISCERS™ is currently being used in the social housing sector with plans to expand into the private sector. It uses laser scanning and accurate offsite cutting of insulation boards to minimise waste and speed up and reduce installation costs by over a fifth.

The process was first launched in a three-storey council house in Camden in 2010.

Councillor Julian Fulbrook, Camden Council Cabinet member for housing said: “Camden Council used WHISCERS™ to insulate a house in 2010 as part of a government-funded whole house retrofit. The speed of application and low disruption of WHISCERS™ allowed the work to take place while the residents were still leaving there, so avoiding the inconvenience and cost of decanting residents which would have been necessary with conventional internal wall insulation techniques.

Video: WHISCERS installation in house in Camden

Video: WHISCERS installation in tenement flats in Dorking

Jeffrey Adams, Group Chief Executive of United House, said “Fresh, green thinking is at the heart of all we do at United House and it’s a true testament to our hard work alongside the SEA that WHISCERS has been recognised by Ashden. We are at the forefront of sustainable refurbishment and we want to use our expertise to help the social housing sector to reduce the carbon footprint of its current stock, whilst alleviating the severe fuel poverty that many thousands of people find themselves in nowadays in the UK.”

John Doggart, Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Academy, said “The Sustainable Energy Academy with United House is delighted to have won an Ashden Award. This is the second time SEA has won an Ashden Award, a great honour in itself, and we have also found the Award helps us massively to reach opinion formers and key players, whose buy-in is so critical to successfully insulating the 7 million solid wall properties in the UK.”

The Sustainable Energy Academy will enjoy a share of the prize money thanks to the Award. It is hoped that this and future income from WHISCERS™ will help support the charity’s SuperHomes initiative.

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