Solid Wall Insulation Conference 20/04/12

Exploring barriers, solutions and new approaches to insulating Scottish solid masonry walls
Friday 20 April 2012, South Hall, Pollock Halls, Edinburgh First, Edinburgh University

As the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) approach, there is an increasing focus on insulating Britain’s solid-walled homes. These are often viewed as hard-to-treat – just 1% of these homes have had their walls insulated – but research and pilot projects in this area are rapidly increasing.

There are many different approaches to insulating solid walls, and this can lead to confusion. This conference will explore and resolve the key issues surrounding solid wall insulation in traditional homes, and demonstrate some of the newest solutions available.

The current situation
Installing insulation to improve energy efficiency is now common practice across UK organisations from local authorities and housing associations to architects and community groups. But time and again they face a problem: 36% of the UK’s housing does not have cavity wall construction.

This unique event will explore in unbiased detail the issues, conflicting views, emerging technologies and practical options for installing internal and external solid wall insulation.

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