Bookings open for SuperHome Open Days, Sep 2013

Martin Crane of Oxford - one of those opening for the first time in September

Martin Crane owns one of the 14 SuperHomes opening for the first time in September

Bookings are now open for our SuperHome Open Days this September. These events let you get the inside story on some exceptional home improvement projects.

These are all older homes refurbished by their owners to be amongst the most energy efficient older homes in the UK.

In every SuperHome you can learn about a range of installed technologies. Tours and Q&A sessions let you quiz the owners on specifics. You’ll discover what worked and get frank feedback on anything that didn’t.

There are now over 168 SuperHome households across the UK. 52 of them are confirmed to open in September of which 14 will be opening for the first time.

If your goal is increased home comfort, reduced energy bills or a smaller carbon footprint, a visit is sure to inspire. Entry is free.

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