Bookings open for SuperHome Open Days, Sep 2014

London SuperHome owned by Jurgen Huber and Zoe Allen

Jurgen Huber and Zoe Allen’s London home – amongst those opening for the first time in September

Bookings are now open for SuperHome Open Days this September. 60 homes are confirmed to open. These homes have all been renovated to the highest standards of comfort and energy efficiency by their owners.

As each renovation achieved a carbon saving of at least 60% (the SuperHome standard) these rank amongst the UK homes most improved for energy use . Visting one will therefore provide many great ideas for greening your own home.

In every SuperHome you can learn about a range of installed technologies. You’ll get the chance to quiz the owner about the pros and cons of particular approaches or measures. Most owners offer tours and/or Q&A sessions.

There are Victorian, Edwardian or more modern SuperHomes opening in September, making it easier to find a house like your own to visit.

If your goal is increased home comfort, reduced energy bills or a smaller carbon footprint, a visit is sure to inspire. Entry is free.

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Other Open Days:
SuperHomes is not alone in hosting Open Days this September.  At least 9 other mainly local Green Open Home groups will also be opening their doors to share the improvements they have made. In many cases SuperHomers also open as part of local events.

6 – 28 Sep  SuperHome Open Days
13 -14 Sep  Bristol Green Doors
13/14 Sep   Lewes Eco Open Houses (also 20/21 Sep)
13 -28 Sep  Cumbria Green Build Festival
14 Sep         21st Century Homes (North London)
14-20 Sep   Cambridge Open Eco Homes
11-14 Sep    Explore Green Suffolk
20-21 Sep   Totnes Open Eco Homes
27-28 Sep   Bath Green Homes
3-4 Oct        Green Homes Network Open Days, Scotland
18-19 Oct    Eco Open Houses Brighton and Hove (also 25-26 Oct)
19-19 Oct    Greater Manchester Open Eco Homes