SuperHome wins Best Renewable Energy Scheme Award

Paul Sousek’s Cottage Farm SuperHome was recognised as the Best Renewable Energy Scheme at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards in December 2012. Paul and his wife Celia accepted the award from the ‘3 Hungry Boys’ of ITV fame.

Paul Sousek receives Best Renewable Energy Scheme  Award

Paul Sousek and wife Celia with two of the ‘Hungry Boys’

Cottage Farm is an organic sustainable farm raising native breeds and selling produce locally.

It is also a unique low carbon exemplar with a special focus on sustainability and resilience.

Renewable energy powers the whole farm – the house, machinery and all transport, including deliveries of organic meat boxes from the farm.

The farm generates all its own electricity and exports clean energy to the grid using a combination of PV panels and a small wind turbine. Homemade biodiesel powers the farm machinery, Land Rover, car and deliveries.

As a result of these and many other measures, Paul says that net carbon emissions have been reduced by over 100% and there is near zero use of fossil fuels.

Paul and Celia will host an open day at their Cottage Farm SuperHome on Sunday 10th March.

Visitors will be able to see and ask questions about:

  • energy saving steps taken
  • methods of renewable energy generation employed and their benefits
  • organic farming methods, localised sustainable food production and carbon free distribution of farm produce
  • Superhomes and the Transition Movement

To book a visit and find out more, see Cottage Farm here on the SuperHomes website.

Alternatively, see for more information.

The award follows on previous successes at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards and as BBC Food and Farming sustainable Farmer of the Year finalist.