SuperHomer’s EcoIslands vision gathers momentum


SuperHomer David Green’s Isle of Wight EcoIslands project continues to go from strength to strength.

October saw the inaugural Ecoislands Global Summit in Cowes. This brought together major partners including sponsors IBM and Cable & Wireless Worldwide. Smart grid solutions were high on the agenda including renewables and home energy management systems.

EcoIslands made great progress between April 2011 – Summer 2012 in terms of building partnerships capable of delivering this ambitious project. Here is a quick summary  of achievements to date including awareness-raising, planning and fundraising.

David Green outside his SuperHome in Cowes

David Green outside the Eco Show Home in Cowes

One early and significant element was the creation of an Eco Show Home to engage the public. This achieved SuperHome status and now attracts visitors all year round. The old part of the house won a Conservation Award and the new part won a regional RIBA Sustainability Award.

David was recently made a Team Green Britain Hero and became a Sustainability Ambassador for the Olympic Games with a 4 minute video on the sustainability of the games on the Team Green Britain Website.

The goal of EcoIslands is to make the Isle of Wight sustainable in the form of energy, food, fuel, water and waste by 2020. More than 30 regions and Islands have committed to achieving renewable energy self-sufficiency and sustainability as laid out in the Ecoislands Accord.

David Green’s opening address at the EcoIslands Global Summit is available online. For more information, see the EcoIslands website.