NEF calls on government to fund Show Homes

At the end of 2016 the Bonfield Review (Each Home Counts) dodged the issue of where the extra demand for domestic energy efficiency retrofit would come from in future years. The National Energy Foundation’s new Show Homes report  explains how Show Homes and demonstrators work and why they are such an effective force for inspiring domestic retrofit.

Luke Smith shows visitors his external wall insulation.

Launching the report, Gabby Mallett, Director of Households and Communities at the National Energy Foundation, commented:

“If this Government is serious about cutting carbon emissions and renovating our aged housing stock, as well as reducing fuel poverty, it needs to address the issue, so clearly avoided by the Bonfield review,  and stimulate some demand. What better way to do that than by supporting initiatives such as Show Homes, which have been shown to work?”


Julie Hirigoyen, CEO of UK-GBC, recently stated that “Driving up demand for retro-fitting homes is essential for any policy to be a success – the Green Deal told us just offering financial incentives isn’t necessarily the only solution. We need to make it all easy, attractive and affordable.” She added that “I think the work that SuperHomes does is really important – demonstrating what is possible and bringing retrofit to life”.

Show Homes enable visitors to fully appreciate the improved comfort that home refurbishment will provide. They can see what their technologies will look like, how they will sound and how they function. But government funding is now urgently required to support green open home events and open home visitors say the same. According to a recent survey by the Federation of Open Home Networks, when asked who should most support green open home events, 50% say government, 30% commercial sponsors, 5% charitable trusts, 2.5% ticket sales/donations. All eyes are now on the government.

NEF’s study identifies SuperHomes as a leading example of successful Show Homes.  Three in five visitors say it is very likely they will improve the energy efficiency of their homes following a visit to a SuperHome. SuperHomes has also caught the attention of BBC Radio 4. Several SuperHome owners will feature on the Costing the Earth programme this April. As a ‘beacon of inspiration’ SuperHomes shines brightly.

Read the full report here:

Show Homes: An effective force for inspiring domestic retrofit