1950s Bungalow Eco Retrofit Presentation

SuperHomers Charles and Judy Ainger carried out an eco retrofit of their 1950s bungalow in 2008 and reduced their net outgoings on energy and water bills to under £1000. Now with 4 years of data they can make a detailed assessment of what worked and what they might do differently were they to do it all again.

The slides from a presentation to the Tring in Transition group in March 2012 tell a story of the choices they made and the impacts of each. They managed to reduce the emissions from the water, electricity and heat used in their house from 7.4 to 1.7 tonnes CO2/yr – a 77% reduction.

Thoughts/tips which emerge include:

  • consider potential value of better windows (eg. triple glazing)
  • if going ‘wood-burning’ think hard about auto or manual
  • plan the delivery and storage of wood/pellets if auto
  • think whether you’ll need solar thermal with a wood pellet boiler
  • get the optimum size pellet boiler for your likely heat demand

This presentation has some excellent information including:

  • why MVHR, when run 24/7, doesn’t deliver CO2 reduction in all retrofit scenarios
  • how use of passive solar can do away with the need for a tumble dryer
  • how rainwater harvesting saved 17,000 litres of mains water and why the pump matters
  • a break down of cost of each major measure installed
  • a comparison of different measures and the on-going maintenance each will require

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