Energy Efficiency Benchmarks for SuperHomes Report

The Energy Efficiency Benchmarks for SuperHomes Report reveals that, on average, SuperHomes are using 40% less energy per square metre per year than the average UK home.

Many people assume that a low-carbon home is also a low-energy one. However, this is not necessarily the case with many homeowners prioritising one over the other; for example, either concentrating on cutting carbon emissions by generating renewable energy with solar panels, biomass boilers and so forth; or, alternatively, reducing their energy consumption by improving their wall and loft insulation and moving to more energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

Researchers at the National Energy Foundation (NEF) calculated the energy and carbon figures for a representative sample of 28 SuperHomes from over 200 across the UK, by per person per year, and by per square metre of floor space per year. Using the 2012 National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (NEED) sample, it was possible to make comparisons between an average SuperHome and the average UK home with the same number of occupants or of the same size.

This March 2016 report proves that low-carbon SuperHomes are also low-energy homes.