ColdProof-Small LogoEric Fewster is a Certified Passive House Consultant specializing in retrofit work in the UK. Using proven Passive House methodology as well as thermal bridging analysis, he can help homeowners plan exactly what energy efficiency measures to carry out in order to achieve specific energy or carbon reduction targets.

The action plan is not only the result of the energy analysis – it also includes a likely list of materials needed, sequence of work & economic analysis, which is all arrived at through several trial runs in consultation with the homeowner. In specific cases, he also takes on the role of project manager (see past projects here).

Eric joined the SuperHomes network after renovating his own house in Manchester, which resulted in reductions of 69% and 60% for space heating demand and carbon emissions respectively. He subsequently trained to be a Passive House Consultant with the aim to help other people in similar situations.

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