Green Deal and ECO Annual Report 2014

In December 2014 DECC released both its Green Deal and ECO Annual Report and its related latest monthly statistics. Here are some helpful figures from these documents…

  • Carbon emissions from all UK buildings have fallen since 1990 by around 9%
  • Since 2004 Government policies have helped reduce household energy consumption by 1/5
  • 2014 household bills were, on average, £90 lower than would have been without government policies
  • Despite this, domestic building is responsible for ¼ of UK carbon emissions and 40% of final energy use
  • ¾ of energy use in homes goes to space and water heating
  • Of 24 million homes with lofts, 69% have adequate loft insulation
  • Of 19 million homes with cavity walls, 72% now have cavity wall insulation fitted
  • Of 8 million solid wall homes, 265,000 or 3% now have solid wall insulation
  • 400,000 Green Deal assessments had been delivered by Oct 2014
  • 80% of those who have had a Green Deal assessment plan to go ahead with an improvement
  • 964,000 ECO measures were installed in over 800,000 homes by Sep 2014.
  • By March 2015 1 million households will have had measures installed since Jan 2013.
  • By October 2014 there were over 7,000 authorised Green Deal market participants (174 authorised Providers, 4,119 individual Assessors and 2,649 registered Green Deal Installer organisations).
  • 7000 households have green deal finance plans since May 2013 – 3239 were live (ie. measures installed).
  • The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has succeeded in creating an on-going pipeline of work, so far expected to improve over 25,000 households.

The annual report also usefully reminds us of a couple of key dates expected to drive retrofit action from landlords – both social and private:

2016 – Tenants will have a right to request consent for energy efficiency measures that may not be unreasonably refused by the landlord

2018 – All eligible properties will have to be improved to a minimum energy efficiency standard before being let to tenants

Advert for the Green Deal

One of the adverts used to launch the Green Deal