How do I install magnetic strip secondary glazing?

SuperHomer Jill Goulder has been using magnetic strip secondary glazing on her sash windows since the 1990s. It is a cheap, simple and effective solution that isn’t widely advertised. Materials for a larger sash window might cost as little as £100 and these can be bought from a local supplier and DIY installed.

One of the advantages with magnetic glazing is that it can be easily lifted off and put into storage over the summer when you want to open the windows.

Secondary glazing will stop heat escaping, help with sound insulation and considerably reduce condensation. It is also suitable for use in conservation areas as it is invisible from the outside and, in this case, quite unnoticeable from the inside.

Fitting magnetic strip secondary glazing is a small job for a handyman or DIY fan and requires very few tools. Using 3mm acrylic, you just attach the 2 part magnetic strip system to the edges of the sheet before fitting it. The video below shows you how to get this simple process right.

To get the best results you should ensure the existing window is in a good state of repair and draught-proofed before you fit the secondary glazing.

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Further Information:
You can see this secondary glazing in situ at Jill Goulder’s SuperHome at annual Open Days.

Visit a house with secondary glazing in Sep 2016
You can see secondary glazing at five open home events around the UK this month. See our events listing for details and simply filter for ‘secondary glazing’. SuperHome tours and Q&A sessions will let you quiz the owners, so you can discover what worked and get frank feedback on anything that didn’t. Entry is free.  SuperHomes are older homes refurbished by their owners for much greater comfort, lower bills and far lower carbon emissions – at least 60% lower! This makes them a great source of ideas to help you green your own home.

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