Does internal wall insulation cause interstitial condensation?

SuperHomer Maria Hawton-Mead talks about early results from the monitoring for interstitial condensation.

This follows the installation of internal wall insulation in Maria’s solid wall Victorian terraced house in Ditching Rise, Brighton. The first results are for moisture content in joist ends. See the table at 1.05 which shows gradual drop off in moisture content since the installation.

moisture in joist ends after internal wall insulation fittedAdditional to the sensors on the joist ends there are sensors on the original brickwork behind the installed internal wall insulation with readings taken automatically every five minutes . A year’s data for this will be available in Summer 2012 when Maria hopes to provide an update which you will find here.

Maria’s home has undergone extensive eco renovation and includes an attractive loft conversion. It is one of the homes in the SuperHomes network of older homes that have been renovated by their owners to reduce carbon emissions by at least 60%.

Most SuperHomes host public open days in September. For more, visit Maria’s home.

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