Is cork insulation suitable for insulating solid walls?

SuperHomer Susan Venner talks about using cork insulation both internally and externally during the eco refurbishment of her Victorian end of terrace house. In her experience cork insulation is highly suitable for insulating solid walls.

Susan chose to use cork insulation for a number of reasons.

* It is a natural material with low embodied energy
* It is suitable for use internally and externally
* Using it supports the cork industry which is struggling due to the change from corks to plastic stoppers

180mm of cork insulation was used externally. This was not rendered as the colour of the cork is close to the colour of the brickwork. Timber batons have been added to provide a climbing frame for plants. 120mm of cork insulation was used internally, covered with mesh then plaster skimmed.

Susan’s home has undergone extensive eco renovation and also includes the use of Slimlite Double Glazing in the sash windows. It is one of the homes in the SuperHomes network of older homes that have been renovated by their owners to reduce carbon emissions by at least 60%. Most SuperHomes host public open days in September. For more, visit Susan’s home.