Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA air source heat pump review by Keith Searle

Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA air source heat pump

Photo: The outdoor external unit of the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA heat pump

Keith and Kathryn Searle chose to install the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA to improve the energy efficiency of their 1970s end terrace home. Here Keith shares their experience of this product.

Mitsubishi MSZ-GE air source heat pump

The Mitsubishi MSZ-GE is a single zone, wall mounted heat pump system. An indoor unit connected and powered by an outdoor unit provides both space heating and cooling. The heat pump has a number of features including varied fan speeds, hot start technology and ‘Smart Set’ functions, giving you full control of the temperature.  You can control the system’s settings with a handheld remote.

Keith says…

The Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA absorbs the heat from the outside air and effectively distributes the warmth around our home.

We purchased our Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA air source heat pump (ASHP) as part of the energy efficiency improvements we have continually made to our home over the past 30 years. It provides us with all our heating requirements during the cold months of the year. Occasionally we also use it as an air conditioner to cool the air during very hot weather. In simple terms, the ASHP takes heat from the outside air and transfers it around our home. Although hard to believe, the system can still provide us with warm air even if outside temperatures reach as low as -15°C. It works very well and we are pleased with the performance it gives.


The installation was hassle free and our supplier gave us a level of support and service that left us very happy.

We first enquired about ASHP technology when we attended a local trade fair organised by Spheretec. The company’s representatives gave us plenty of information about the product and an estimate of how much it might cost. After agreeing to go ahead and purchase the product we were visited by a friendly salesperson. They provided us with further information including the price structure and how long it should take to install. Although we didn’t get to choose the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA as it was Spheretec that supplied it, we were still satisfied that it was suitable for our home and heating needs.

We decided to locate the internal air blower unit in the living room, where we felt it would be most effective and where we’d reap the most benefits. It is fitted just below the ceiling level meaning it isn’t intrusive or disruptive when using the space. The same can also be said for the external fan unit which is located on the outside wall, immediately below where the air blower is fitted on the inside.

Except for a minor problem, the installation went very smoothly and caused little disruption. The works were carried out over a single day and we are very pleased with the support and advice the installer gave us. The final cost of the product and installation was £1250. We have had our Mitsubishi ASHP for almost four years and are yet to experience any serious problems.

Main benefits

It warms the whole of our house with the minimum of fuss.

My wife and I are retired and spend a lot of time at home, so we needed a product that we could depend upon to meet our heating needs and replace our existing 11.7kWh gas fire. The heat pump has achieved this by significantly improving the thermal comfort and feel of our home. Without difficulty the single unit has the ability to warm the entire house effectively and maintain the constant temperature we want. It is extremely reliable and we keep it on 24 hours a day in the winter, meaning we always come home to a warm and cosy house.

As we only have figures for our total energy usage, it is hard to quantify how much energy and/or carbon the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA has saved. However, before the installation we relied on a 2kW convection heater to top up the temperature on those colder days. As soon as we switched to the heat pump and no longer needed this or the existing gas fire, we experienced a reduction in our electricity consumption and are now completely gas free! This has given us the added bonus of an economic benefit.

We are very pleased with the performance and reliability of the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA and the clear benefits we have been able to achieve. Looking back at our experience we can safely say we wouldn’t have done anything differently, however with our new found knowledge we would have quizzed the installer more during the buying process.

It is important to note that the benefits we experience may be partly influenced by the characteristics of our home and other energy efficiency improvements we have made. Our home is relatively small in size and open plan. Combining these factors with the extensive insulation and double glazed windows we have installed throughout, makes this heat pump particularly well suited and advantageous.

Practical details

Highly recommended, I can say it works perfectly well for two pensioners like us.

The product has a one year guarantee and we expect it to last us about 20 years. In the four years we’ve had the heat pump we have only experienced one problem. This came about as a result of the internal unit mistakenly being unconnected to the drain tube, which caused water to leak from the unit when it was working on its cooling setting. Despite the initial panic, the installer quickly sent someone out to rectify this and the problem hasn’t happened since.

The product is extremely simple to use. You can change the temperature setting using the remote control. It requires little space and both the internal and external units cannot be heard when turned on. To ensure it is performing to maximum efficiency, you are required to service the heat pump at least once a year. This can be done by simply checking and cleaning the unit’s filters which we do two or three times a year. We were offered a yearly maintenance service by our installer, but felt this wasn’t necessary given the relative ease of doing it ourselves and the price they were quoting.


We could have had a conventional gas boiler, but we thought a heat pump would be a more greener and economical solution.

For us the most important factors we considered when looking to purchase an ASHP was reliability and price. I had read widely about heat pumps in general but not so much about different makes and models. Visiting a local trade fair gave us the opportunity to learn more about the different types of ASHPs available on the market. But once we decided to go with the installer Spheretec, it is fair to say that the choice of model was out of our hands. This therefore makes it difficult to compare the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA to similar models in its category. Having said that, we continue to be very impressed with the system we were offered and see no way in which it could be improved.

Product details: Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Series
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric
Installer: Spheretec Ltd.
Owner case study: SuperHome 150

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