Planning Responsible Retrofit – guidance wheel and report

The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) has produced a guidance wheel and a report to assist those planning to refurbish an old building. This is particularly helpful for heritage properties where extra care must be taken to ensure any changes made work in harmony with the existing fabric of the building.

Guidance Wheel
The wheel depicts more than 50 measures that can be used for the retrofitting or refurbishing of traditional buildings. It encourages exploration of the measures’ advantages, concerns about their performance and possible interactions between them. Each measure has a number of advantages and concerns (categorised into technical, heritage and energy). The concerns are colour coded and their summary is shown in the wheel ‘rings’ for technical, heritage and energy concerns.

Planning responsible retrofit of traditional buildings aims to  provide short and usable guidance about traditional building retrofit,  which will reduce risk and liability, while also improving outcomes not only in terms of energy, but also health and heritage.