Red specialise in recycling buildings to meet the highest standards, reusing what we can to make them fit for the future.

Founded by SuperHome owners Charlie and Sarah in 2014, Red is an innovative design and build co-operative which offers advice on domestic and commercial retrofit and a bespoke design and installation service.

Red’s design service includes a detailed energy and cost assessment, calculating the most cost effective measures to deliver desired emissions reductions up to 100%.  This method delivers the best value deep retrofits in the country.

Red uses sustainable materials that have the lowest possible ecological impact during manufacturing and use and create healthy, comfortable, cheap to run buildings.

The Manchester based company has worked on many domestic retrofits as well as a diverse portfolio of projects such as Black Country garden city and commercial retrofits including Madlab and Clay Studio.  Work has included installation of external and internal wall insulation, innovative underfloor and loft insulation, installation of low energy heating, lighting and ventilation systems as well as triple glazed windows, doors and air tightness works, together with interventions such as a summer room, new staircase and a super insulated moveable wall.

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