Show Homes – An effective force for inspiring domestic retrofit

If this Government is serious about cutting carbon emissions and renovating our aged housing stock, then it must stimulate demand. The SuperHomes network has attracted over 1 million visits to its articles, videos and houses. What better way is there to create demand than by supporting initiatives which are proven to work?

The National Energy Foundation’s Show Homes report  explains how and why Show Homes and demonstrators work. Their benefits, it argues, are felt throughout the supply chain, by Governments, the consumer and the population as a whole.

Show Homes enable visitors to fully appreciate the improved comfort that home refurbishment will provide. They can see what their technologies will look like, how they will sound and how they function. By talking to people who have already had renewable technologies and energy efficiency measures installed, visitors will gain the confidence to invest themselves. Peer-to-peer recommendation simply works. It builds trust. It moves visitors from inspiration to action.