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Kidderminster, Wolverely, Hobro Lodge

House Summary

Kate Spohrer

House Type:
part 300 years, part 150 and part 15 years, mainly brick construction, detached, 'permaculture smallholding' with 6 acres

Carbon saving:
89% - SuperHomes Assessed  

  • Kidderminster SuperHome - one of the new additions to the network opening this September.
  • PV_kidderminster_Hobro Lodge

Measures installed:

  • Biomass Boiler
  • Double Glazing
  • Draught-proofing
  • Floor Insulation
  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Loft Insulation
  • Low Energy Appliances
  • Low Energy Lighting
  • Roof Insulation
  • Solar PV Panels
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Water Saving Devices

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Measures installed in detail:

  • Biomass boiler
  • Double glazing throughout
  • Draught proofing throughout
  • 15 years ago refurb, floor insulation complied with building regs
  • Some internal wall insulation
  • 10 inches of the old fashioned fibre glass loft insulation
  • Low energy appliances throughout
  • Low energy lighting throughout
  • New roof insulated up to standards and loft insulation
  • 2.8 kWp Solar PV system
  • 3 sq m Solar thermal panels, output approx 1500 kwh/annum
  • Water saving devices include; rainwater collected to water plants and poultry
  • Main source of heating wood pellets and wood burners


Common questions and answers for this SuperHome

What biomass boiler did you go for and are your happy with it?+

The boiler fitted is a Biotech, the fitters were Sterland and Elgar. I chose them because their main man, Bob Smith, seemed to know his subject far better than some of the other ‘salesman’ types who came representing larger companies. They are based in Warwickshire. The work was quite complicated as retrofits generally are. The house is now warm, this was something we never experienced before as the oil was prohibitively expensive.

What approach did you take to insulating the roof?+

As far as insulation is concerned, because we did not do a complete renovation when we moved in 18 years ago we have added bits of insulation here and there so there are many different types used, and in fact I am always looking at upgrading a bit somewhere or other. However it seems as though you can’t beat Kingspan.

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Assessment types

SuperHomes Assessed

A home that has been visited and assessed by us and confirmed as reaching the SuperHome standard, which demonstrates a 60% carbon saving.

Homeowner Reported

Information has been provided by the homeowner about their home and energy use prior to the installation of measures and following their installation which demonstrates a carbon saving. This information has not been verified.

Remote Assessed

The homeowner has provided information on their home including what measures have been installed which has enables an assessor working on our behalf to assess their carbon savings. This home has not been visited to verify the measures installed.


This home has not been assessed, but the homeowner has reported what measures have been installed. It may be that this home is awaiting assessment.