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Milton Keynes, Wolverton, Stacey Avenue

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Roger and Jill Kitchen

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Measures installed:

  • Combi Boiler
  • Double Glazing
  • Loft Insulation
  • Solar PV Panels

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What visitors are saying

"Roger puts a convincing case for investing in solar PV. Although the available feed-in tariff is way down now, the cost of the panels and installation is also down by over 50%. At this juncture (March 2013) a net lifetime benefit of over £5000 is still likely on a small system like his, not to mention significant carbon savings."

Personal story:

We moved into the house in 1976 and a lot of what we’ve done has been due to the encouragement of our son who trained as an architect and worked for the National Energy  Foundation. For example, we’d had our boiler for about 30 years and he made us realise how inefficient it was and that, if we had a combi boiler, we wouldn’t need the large hot water tank which was taking up a large amount of space in one of the bedrooms.


It wasn’t being green at all costs, it was thinking in the long run that we needed to save money. As pensioners we felt the PV panels in particular were a very safe bet with energy prices going up. If we had left the money in the bank we would have got a return of about 2.5% but, by having them on the roof, the return was 6%. It was a no brainer. I also feel one is doing one’s bit when you think about what the future holds.

Property background:

The house is ‘L’ shaped and one of a pair of semi-detached labourers’ cottages built for the local farm in the late 1880s. It has solid brick walls.

Key changes made:

  • Wooden windows with double glazing. Originally we had plastic double glazing but it was in poor condition so we have replaced most with wood in a traditional style. Cost around £2000
  • Loft insulation. We added fibreglass loft insulation soon after moving in but have recently increased this to the recommended depth and have boarded out the loft
  • Gas combi condensing boiler installed in about 2008. Total cost around £3500
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Solar PV, 1.26 kW peak, 6 panels (Schuco) added in 2011. Cost including installation £8000
  • Low energy lighting throughout
  • Water saving devices: 6 water butts, low flush device in toilet cisterns, water meter
Measures installed in detail:

  • Wooden windows with double glazing
  • Loft insulation
  • Gas combi condensing boiler
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Solar PV, 1.26 kW peak, 6 panels
  • Low energy lighting throughout
  • Water saving devices

Superhomes are working closely with the Building Retrofit Network in Milton Keynes. This home was brought into the network with project support from Green Deal Pioneer Places Funding from DECC.

Benefits of work carried out:

I haven’t really kept a record of the saving made but I do know that, in the first year, we received about £500 from the Feed in Tariff.

Favourite feature:

The solar PV panels. I just love the fact that they’re up there and they’re passively doing their job; even on fairly dull days we still get some sort of return. I just wish we had a bigger roof, it wouldn’t have cost much to have more panels. We now do our washing and use the dishwasher when the sun is shining!

Project update:

Looking ahead we don’t really have any real projects, although we do want to look at dealing with draughts by adding draught-proofing.

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