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Nottingham, Lady Bay, Fleeman Grove

House Summary

Lukas and Mary Willcocks

House Type:
Detached 3 bedroom 1960s house of standard construction

Carbon saving:
85% - Remote Assessed  

  • Solar thermal
  • boiler
  • IMG_3242
  • energy monitor
  • PV
  • wall
  • street view

Measures installed:

  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Condensing boiler
  • Double Glazing
  • Draught-proofing
  • Energy monitor
  • Floor Insulation
  • Loft Insulation
  • Low Energy Appliances
  • Low Energy Lighting
  • Other renewable energy technologies
  • Roof Insulation
  • Solar PV Panels
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Water Saving Devices

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What visitors are saying

"Very interesting and informative without blinding us with science!"

"Inspiring - lots of practical advice, questions answered simply for those of us less technically minded. Impressive variety of ways to improve your home, save money and save earth's resources."

"I can't believe there is so much available to help people to reduce their impact. I will do what I can to reduce mine. You have really inspired me!"

"Very good energy saving ideas."

Personal story:

You can read more about Lukas’ aerospace and fuel efficient car interests here:

And here:


Lukas grew up in a part of Africa where water was scarce. We have always wanted to live more efficiently, have more than one heating option and save on utility bills.

Property background:

Bought in 2000, the house was poorly insulated and in need of repair works including :broken gas boiler (first time replaced with Glow-worm 100e combi boiler which itself expired in 2011), rotten soffits and fascias, no cavity wall insulation, very poor mineral wool loft insulation existed (about 50mm), Carport was crumbling, internal sewage leak from bathroom (discovered a bowl had been plastered in under the leak!), no bathroom ventilation, poor kitchen and bathroom facilities. Some damp issues.

Key changes made:

New kitchen (2004), new bathroom (2013) including UFH, new carport (2011), new soffits and fascias (2010), New porch roof and insulation (2011), Low energy dishwasher, fridge and freezer (2008).

INSULATION: Cavity wall insulation, phenolic wall insulation on north facing bedroom walls,

  • 150mm phenolic plus rafter level Super Quilt insulation in loft. Boarded out.
  • HEATING/DHW: Smokeless fuel Woodburner (Morso Squirrel), Intergas HRE18 gas boiler, Electric heating options into 300litre Thermal Store. Stratification Protected Solar coil fed by 60 ET Solar Tubes (30 on east roof, 30 on west roof). Thermaskirt heating in living room plus Jaga low water content radiators. Aluminium radiators in bathroom and kitchen.
  • Solar PV: 17 REC panels (10east, 7 west) : 3.91kWp system run with Sunny Boy inverter.
  • LED and low energy lighting.
  • Doubled glazed.
  • Low water usage toilet (Geberit dual flush) and taps throughout.
Measures installed in detail:

  • Double glazing
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Draught-proofing throughout
  • Condensing boiler
  • Solar thermal panels
  • PV
  • Low energy lighting
  • Low energy appliances
  • Water saving devices
Benefits of work carried out:

Significant reduction in electricity and gas bills.

Favourite feature:

Solar Thermal DHW system and shower/bath/wetroom.

Business name:


Business overview:

Technical journalism about innovations mostly in aerospace and automotive engineering including reduction in vehicle emissions, use of synthetic & bio fuels, renewable H2 and EVs.

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Assessment types

SuperHomes Assessed

A home that has been visited and assessed by us and confirmed as reaching the SuperHome standard, which demonstrates a 60% carbon saving.

Homeowner Reported

Information has been provided by the homeowner about their home and energy use prior to the installation of measures and following their installation which demonstrates a carbon saving. This information has not been verified.

Remote Assessed

The homeowner has provided information on their home including what measures have been installed which has enables an assessor working on our behalf to assess their carbon savings. This home has not been visited to verify the measures installed.


This home has not been assessed, but the homeowner has reported what measures have been installed. It may be that this home is awaiting assessment.