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Stoke Hammond, Hillersdon Chase, Little Orchard

House Summary

Dean Jackson

House Type:
1970's 5 bedroom house with granny annex

Carbon saving:
67% - Remote Assessed  

Reported saving on bills:

Total invested:

  • boiler
  • energy monitor 2
  • pvoutput
  • pv

Measures installed:

  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Condensing boiler
  • Double Glazing
  • Draught-proofing
  • Loft Insulation
  • Low Energy Appliances
  • Low Energy Lighting
  • Other renewable energy technologies
  • Solar PV Panels
  • Water Saving Devices

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Personal story:

In 2006 we purchased the house, which was in need of some serious renovation. Soon after moving in, we realized we were spending around £130-140 a month on electricity so we decided to take measures to lower our costs. This original goal has now snowballed into a keen interest for energy saving and carbon reduction, and has seen us make extensive improvements to the house.


Originally changes were made simply as a means to save some money. Since then I have developed a keen interest for energy saving and reducing my carbon footprint and in 2008 I made it a personal mission to reduce my personal carbon footprint by 50%. I am a firm believer in trying to reduce, reuse repair, and recycle whenever possible!

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Property background:

Originally a 3-bed home it has been extended over the years into the 5-bed property (+granny annex) that it is today. When we purchased the house in 2006 it was in poor condition and required some serious renovation. Over time as my interest in energy saving has developed so has the property.

Key changes made:

  • Double glazing
  • Draught-proofing throughout
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Condensing boiler fitted with TRVs throughout
  • Immersun, voltage optimization, intelligent heating controls
  • Low energy lighting
  • Low energy appliances
  • Solar PV
  • Water saving devices include; shower gizmo, water display
Measures installed in detail:

1)    Cavity wall insulation-fitted to top specification, new extension has solid wall board insulation.

2)    Loft insulation-fitted to over required specification (over 60cm)

3)    All exterior windows double glazed

4)    All exterior doors double glazed

5)    Waste disposal unit fitted to do two things:-

a)   Safe and convenient disposal of food waste.

b)    Help the klargester do it “bacteria thing” better.

6)    Replaced boiler for a much more economical one.

7)    Replaced oil tank and increased capacity to:-

a)    Reduce CO2 emissions from oil delivery vehicles.

b)    Reduce costs – the more you buy the less it costs (hey this is the main point be energy efficient and it saves you money)

c)     Meet latest Oftec regulations.

8)    Replaced all radiator valves with thermostatically controlled ones.

9)    Zoned house so only parts that need heating get heated (3 zones).

10)  Added a link from security system to thermostats so if alarm is on heating automatically turns down, and when alarm is unset heating returns.

11)   Fitted multifuel fire so I can burn any medium available, I even make my own logs out of newspapers or any other paper that would go in recycle bin!

12)  Fitted an Induction hob.

13)  Replaced oven for fan assisted.

  • Replaced kettle for low power kettle, and when this fails going to replace for one of these:- The ECO Kettle is specially designed to help you avoid this unnecessary waste. With its unique, patented dual-chamber design, the ECO Kettle can be filled with up to 1.5 litres of water ready for use – and then you can decide how much to heat, from one cup (200ml) to full capacity, simply by pressing the knob. The water you don’t use remains ready for next time.
  • In independent consumer trials, the standard ECO Kettle used an average of 31% less energy than any other kettle, and is the only kettle to be awarded the “Recommended” mark by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

14 )  Changed my electric bedside alarm clock for a mechanical one (now broke so seeking replacement)

15)  Fitted shower gizmos to reduce water usage.

16)  I now have 4 YES 4 blue recycle bins.

17)  Replaced conservatory roof for argon filled high efficiency glass, keeps heat in but heating effect of sun out. Also fitted “solar” heat retaining blinds.

18)  Replaced washing machine dishwasher and fridges for A rating ones.

19)  Any old equipment from both work (where possible) and home gets offered on Freecycle first prior to disposal.

20)  Water meter installed with remote display that indicates daily how we are doing relative to anticipated water usage.

And to add to get into main living space of house you have to go through at least 2 exterior doors (airlock style) so removing an awful lot of heat loss. And this includes any exterior area.

21) Solar PV panels installed in July 2011 (16 panels of 220W each making 3750W)

Benefits of work carried out:

Insulation and double glazing has ensured that the house remains warm through the winter, as well as helping us save on our costs. Solar panels have helped to lower the cost of our electricity bill, which is now down to around £60-70 a month from double that when we moved in. The changes made have inspired us to lead greener lives.

Favourite feature:

My immerSUN – By monitoring the electricity usage around the house this device diverts any excess energy produced into the immersion heater. In the summer months this almost exclusively heats our water!

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SuperHomes Assessed

A home that has been visited and assessed by us and confirmed as reaching the SuperHome standard, which demonstrates a 60% carbon saving.

Homeowner Reported

Information has been provided by the homeowner about their home and energy use prior to the installation of measures and following their installation which demonstrates a carbon saving. This information has not been verified.

Remote Assessed

The homeowner has provided information on their home including what measures have been installed which has enables an assessor working on our behalf to assess their carbon savings. This home has not been visited to verify the measures installed.


This home has not been assessed, but the homeowner has reported what measures have been installed. It may be that this home is awaiting assessment.