The Team

SuperHomes is operated by a charity – The National Energy Foundation (NEF) - and in the run up to our Open Days a small team of volunteers, part-time staff and freelancers provide promotional and admin support to the SuperHomers at the heart of the project. The Sustainable Energy Academy (SEA) effectively merged with NEF in April 2014. The Board of Trustees listed below, chaired by John Doggart, helped oversee and bring SEA's work to fruition. A number continue as NEF Trustees or advisors.


John Doggart


John Doggart (Eur Eng MA (Eng) MA (Arch) CEng MinstE) is Chairman of SEA. He also developed WHISCERS, the quick low mess internal wall insulation system. John is co-founder of EHA the Existing Homes Alliance, chairs the EHA Finance Working Group, and is an advisor to the Government Green Deal initiative. He originally worked at Richard Rogers Architects and then in Milton Keynes, where he developed the UK’s first solar house and Passive Solar housing scheme. John co-developed the first energy rating system for housing, and also co-developed BREEAM. He has worked on energy saving projects in Europe, US and Australia.

Ian Byrne

Company Secretary

Ian is the Deputy Director of the National Energy Foundation (NEF) with extensive knowledge of energy efficiency and small scale renewable energy systems in the domestic and non-domestic sectors. As a chartered accountant and chartered environmentalist, he seeks to bring an analytical approach to the assessment of sustainable energy and rigour to calculating energy and carbon savings, while at the same time explaining ways of saving energy in clear non-technical language.

Quentin Compton-Bishop


Quentin has worked been a Trustee since 2011. He has been working in the renewable energy sector since 2006 when he co-founded 3rd Rock Energy. He set up the National Energy Foundation’s Communities Fund for community-owned sustainable energy projects, a precursor of FSE Group’s Community Generation Fund which has been developed in partnership with NEF. Quentin is CEO of Warwick Ventures, the technology commercialisation arm of the University of Warwick, and is a director of a number of spin-out businesses. He is also Chairman of the Levantine Heritage Foundation.

Mervyn Kohler


Mervyn Kohler is Special Adviser at Help the Aged, having been Head of Public Affairs since 1984. He helped develop the policy position of Help the Aged then increasingly focussed on income and financial issues which underpin so much of the well-being of older people. He is one of the public faces of the Charity at conferences, seminars and in the media. He is a trustee of a number of charities and currently serves on the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group.

Russell Smith


Russell founded Parity Projects in 2005 whilst carrying out an extensive eco renovation of his own home. Many of the services that Parity now offers are based on his experience of trying to choose and install energy reduction measures. He is passionate about low energy housing and sees it as a vehicle to improve lifestyles and energy bills as well as our collective environmental impact.

Liz Reason


Liz is an experienced policy analyst and strategist and social entrepreneur in the energy and climate change arena. Liz set up her consultancy Reasons to be Cheerful in 2004 to apply her skills to climate change communication and strategy. She was appointed a director of the AECB, the sustainable building association, in January 2006. Liz is part of Think Purple, a consortium which aims to make CO2 visible with fun and informative materials to communicate climate change to schools and the wider public. Before R2BC, Liz was a founder director of ILEX Energy Consulting, a management consultancy expert in the energy and carbon markets. Liz has run a successful wind development company and she lives in an AECB Silver Standard house in Oxfordshire.

Tadj Oreszczyn


Tadj Oreszczyn (MCIBSE MInstE, PhD, CEng) is Professor of Energy and Environment and Director of the UCL Energy Institute University College London. Before becoming Professor Tadj was Director of the Energy Design Advice Scheme (EDAS) regional office based at the Bartlett, UCL. He was Head of the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies for 7 years and was, for 4 years, Vice Dean Research for the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. Tadj has given evidence to a parliamentary Select Committee, co-authored a special issue of the Lancet and preparted papers for the Office of Science and Innovation, all on energy related issues. He provided research support for the development of the English and Welsh Building Regulations and has given lectures at the Royal Society and the Royal Institution. He is a member of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change Scientific Advisory Group and the Scientific Council of the EU Energy Efficient Building (E2B) programme.

Simon Burton


Simon Burton has worked in the field of energy conservation in buildings and urban areas for more than 20 years. He was a Director of ECD Energy and Environment and subsequently a Regional Director with AECOM in London. He has been responsible for several UK Government research projects and edited Energy efficient Office Refurbishment and authored the Handbook of Sustainable Refurbishment - both published by Earthscan.


Alexander Ladeyschikov

Project Officer

Alexander volunteered at NEF working with us for a 10 week period. He is interested in the renewable energy sector and environmental law and came to NEF to get some practical experience so he could pursue a related career in these areas in the UK. Acting as Project Assistant for SuperHomes, Alexander brought his precision communication skills into play whilst liaising with some 50 SuperHomers. Alexander is a quick thinker, cool headed, confident and polite and was a real asset to the team.

Howard Storey

Project Officer

Howard volunteered at NEF for six and a half months as part of his Bsc in Environmental Science with a year in industry. Howard was able to make the most of what’s on offer at NEF by attending training courses, site visits and open house events. He gained first hand experience with the sustainable technologies that are integrated into the building. Howard is creative and demonstrated great IT skills and a confident, polite manner. He helped expand the Green Builder section of the SuperHomes website and also researched media contacts. Thanks to his great sense of humour, he was a very popular member of the team.

Lysann Gründlich

Project Officer

Lysann worked full time for 8 weeks on the SuperHomes project. She chose to work at NEF because she is specializing in Environmental Management and Energy Economics at University. Most of Lysann’s work was based on supporting the promotion of SuperHomes; she embraced Twitter, which she had not used before. As a result, she helped us build and service a significant social network of nearly 400 followers during her stay. Lysann was a highly valued and capable member of the team during her time with us. Her English is excellent, she’s a conscientious worker and we found her very sociable and self-assured.

Claudia Ribustini


Claudia Ribustini spent 12 weeks working on the SuperHomes project at NEF. Her internship was supported by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme which required an emphasis on renewables and energy efficiency. She helped SuperHomes reach out to an international audience by translating and subtitling videos in Italian, writing up case studies and researching guest blogging opportunities. She also assisted with video shoots and events. Claudia has a very high standard of written and spoken English. She is enthusiastic, outgoing and interested in culture.

Felicity Williams

Research Officer

Felicity joined us to work full time for three months on a major SuperHomes research brief. This meant designing surveys, reaching out to potential participants and collating, analysing and reporting regarding their responses. Felicity marshals data with apparent ease. Her work is accurate and her attention to detail is excellent. She is bright, friendly, and both received her PhD and landed a job during her stay. Felicity’s internship was supported by the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme.

Stephen Foster

Project Officer

Stephen volunteered for a 4 week placement in Summer 2014. His particular focus was promoting our September SuperHome Open Days through listings publications, education and local authority contacts, as well as our following on Twitter and Facebook. He also worked with SuperHomers to help them update their online case studies. It was a very busy month and Stephen worked extremely hard. He is a great communicator, enthusiastic, sociable and 100% dependable.

Antoine Alibaux

Project Officer

SuperHome Open Day events. He seized every opportunity to get involved at NEF and so ended up doing some parallel work on the YouGen website, Energiesprong project and an energy storage system report. He also carried out some difficult research into grant giving trusts. Antoine has a strong grounding in energy in buildings, so he made an excellent technical contribution and gave a very well received Powerpoint presentation to over 20 NEF staff at the end of his stay. Antoine is courageous, hard-working and built lasting friendships. During his stay he made arrangements to continue his studies in Sweden.

Jacob Morris-Davies

Blog Writer

Jacob is a creative writer par excellence with a great turn of phrase and a very consumer friendly way with words. He joined us for a couple of months to help us raise awareness of SuperHome Open Days. He majored on writing guest blogs for a range of partner websites including those of WWF, 10:10, LiLi, Fit for the Future and NES. He also helped us get more relevant articles out to Parish Newsletter Editors. Jacob has a great sense of humour and loves his music, including drum and bass! He also endured a broken ankle during his time with us so he earned full marks for staying power.

Dora Martinez-Carbonell

Project Officer

Dora spent three months at NEF during which she wrote and prepared advice guides for the Energy Envoys project and supported SuperHomes with social media work and writing to promote our SuperHome Open Days. Dora worked very hard on some highly effective promotion to our Council Officer contacts and Twitter followers. She made friends fast and brought a smile, positivity and a welcome Mediterranean warmth to the work place. During her stay she also arranged to move on to some very exciting voluntary work overseas working with young people in Iceland.

Helena Ripley

Project Officer

Helena spent 3 months at NEF mostly focussed on our YouGen service, researching and writing blogs and newsletters and preparing a major marketing campaign. Her blogging was on topics such as solar PV, ventilation and wood stoves – all things we were delighted to share with our SuperHome followers. We managed to snatch a few days of Helena’s time to help with urgent tasks that ensured the smooth delivery of our SuperHome Open Days. Helena delivers highly informative, well researched blogs in a form of plain English that is a pleasure to read. She is extremely hard working so she has a bright future ahead.

Peter Flemming

Proof reader/Writer

Peter worked at NEF for 3 months, greatly improving our blogs, articles and reports. He is a highly skilled proof reader and consistently helped us find simpler, clearer, less ambiguous and more concise ways to express written ideas. Peter worked on rewriting a ‘How to’ manual on community renewable energy projects and did the detailed planning required to convert this into a series of accessible blogs. He worked very hard to analyse and bring further valid data to an energy benchmarking report. Peter’s own conscious choices on diet and transport also remind us that energy saving has a great deal to do with our daily choices as consumers. He leads by example.

Joanne Spurrell

Project Officer

Joanne is supremely well organised and would be a great choice to plan, coordinate and safety-check a major activity or project, then to liaise with people needed to deliver it. During her three months with us she led on a project to attract the input from SuperHomers needed to generate 40 detailed product user reviews. Coming from a degree in Architecture and Environmental Design, Joanne was totally at ease researching and writing the introductions for these retrofit product reviews. A consummate professional, assertive and determined, and learning to climb high walls in her spare time!

Sam Tonge

Project Officer

Sam has been studying geography and this makes him great all-rounder, with excellent writing and organisational skills. He ran with the brief, managed his time very well and reporting progress frequently to ensure he remained on track. Sam joined us for three months and took on the job of promoting SuperHome Open Days, writing and coordinating dozens of publicity blurbs and numerous blogs in support of our 50 openers. He quickly adopted our ‘house style’ of writing and developed a very nice turn of phrase for talking about measures installed in houses (no mean feat!). His extremely polite, friendly and helpful attitude made him popular with everyone he liaised with.

Kaoutar Nahli

Project Officer

Kaoutar is extremely enthusiastic and hard-working and always brings a sunny smile to the work place. She spent three months with us gaining experience in energy in buildings, helping us promote SuperHome Open Days. Her initiative, intelligence and impressive attention to detail was a huge help as she brought the details of 50 open home events to national websites and local listings publications. She also did a great job of helping us mould responses from SuperHomers into accessible but detailed product reviews. Kaoutar came to us through the Erasmus programme having already gained a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy in Spain. She was an instant hit with colleagues thanks to her superb social skills and genuine interest in other people.

Matt Malcolm

Project Officer

Matt is a confident and supremely capable all-rounder. As a volunteer he supported our last minute promotion of SuperHome Open Days via social media and also helped us make the most of the resulting visitor feedback. He has gone on to deliver some superb written work, translating Q&As into detailed product reviews for a new future section of the website. Matt likes his sport, has some exciting travel stories to tell and is also the sharpest dresser we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming on board!

Staff Members

Gabby Mallett

Project Director

Gabby has been with the National Energy Foundation since 2005 and is currently heading up their Green Deal and Communities team. Her background in Economics, and masters in Environmental, Policy and Society make Gabby ideally placed to appreciate the need for both carbon reducing renovations and behavioural change. Gabby helped initiate the Old Home SuperHome project as Project Director and is now managing a European project taking the WHISCERS insulation approach to Austria and Greece. Gabby has provided expertise and support to the EST and DECC on greening communities, community renewables, optimising the thermal efficiency of existing houses and advancing the Green Deal. In her spare time Gabby enjoys rugby, photography and scrapbooking, playing bridge and camping.

Gordon Glass

Online Marketing Manager

Gordon joined SEA in November 2011 overseeing improvements in SuperHomes marketing materials, media communications, website content and our social media presence. He has over 15 years experience in Marketing and holds the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing. He has worked in energy saving since 2005, first for United Sustainable Energy Agency, then the Sustainable Energy Academy and now for NEF. He originally worked at venues (The Castle, The Junction) where he attracted audiences to music, theatre, comedy and club events. Now he is using the same skills to attract audiences to SuperHomes. In his spare time, Gordon enjoys making music, dancing salsa and bike rides with the kids.

Camille Van Rooyen

Project Officer

Camille has several years experience in senior administration roles. She joined the SuperHomes team in November 2010 as Project Officer. A major part of her work is to identify new potential SuperHomes, process applications and organise assessments, and the number of SuperHomes has doubled since she started. She is the administrative backbone behind the open house events, keeping events listings up to date and liaising with SuperHomers to ensure accurate reporting. Camille also works on the Carbon Trust Certification Scheme at NEF. In her spare time, Camille enjoys walks around the lake feeding the ducks with her young daughter.


Claudia Tomaz

Film Maker

Claudia has helped make over 30 videos for SuperHomes which you can see in the Flythroughs and FAQs sections of the website. She shoots and edits videos and teaches film as a freelancer. In 2006 Claudia founded Holon film LAB where she develops short films that she distributes online. She is currently developing a documentary about the housing crisis in London and recently made a short series of experimental films called London Ground.

John Wyles

Web Developer

John is a freelance web developer who works for a range of clients including a number of charities and SME's.  John has developed the SuperHomes site since the Sustainable Energy Academy was first formed and works closely with the SuperHomes Online Marketing Manager and the rest of the team to continually improve the web experience of visitors to the site.