About Us

SuperHomes is a rapidly expanding network of 200 energy aware households. These pioneering homeowners are redefining green living. All have refurbished their old homes to the highest standards of energy efficiency. Eco friendly, sustainable, low energy and low carbon – the refurbished houses are least 60% less reliant on fossil fuels. This means that SuperHome owners are really leading the way. We can learn from them.

  • Solar PV panels West Bridgford Home Front Facade
  • Petersfield_SunCottage Malden, Essex SuperHome
  • Andy Warren, Llanidloes Zero Carbon Victorian SuperHome Dartington

SuperHomes Network

superhomes_logo_150The SuperHomes Network harnesses the enthusiasm of energy saving pioneers to bring you examples of successful sustainable refurbishment. To qualify as a SuperHome, a 60% reduction in carbon emissions must be achieved.

Typically over 50 SuperHomes open to the public during SuperHome Open Days in September. A few open at other times and by appointment. They come in all shapes and sizes and styles so you’ll easily find one similar to your own home. Sign up for our Quarterly News Updates for the latest news on Open Days.

Behind each retrofit is an energy saving pioneer with bold ideas. Most are happy to respond by email to questions about the approach they took. Most will confirm that sustainable refurbishment can deliver superior comfort and low energy bills without sacrificing a property’s character. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See for yourself.

SuperHomes started life in 2007, as the Old Home SuperHome project. It was initiated by the Sustainable Energy Academy.

National Energy Foundation

NEF-logo-200pxlThe National Energy Foundation (NEF) has provided professional support for SuperHomes since the Sustainable Energy Academy (SEA) initiated the project in 2007/8. As of 1st March 2014, SEA in practice merged with NEF, helping ensure SuperHomes continues to grow and thrive.

NEF has been at the forefront of improving the use of energy in buildings since 1988. SuperHomes has the kind of educational impact that NEF prides itself in as a charity. SuperHomes pioneers have helped over 70,000 Open Day visitors to get excited about the potential for greening their own homes. 100,000s of people are making use of the articles and videos on our website. NEF’s ambition is to build a network of 500 SuperHomes so one is accessible, within 15 minutes, to everyone in the country.

We thank SuperHome owners for sharing their experience, journalists and partners for telling their story, and our funders and sponsors for giving SuperHomes the opportunity to grow and reach even more people. Please donate to support our work.