Should I green deal with it?

In this video three homeowners consider options for refurbishing their older homes and ask themselves the question “Should I Green Deal with it?”

1. Martin Davies

Martin lives in a 1930s semi detached house which is poor in terms of energy efficiency.
He is considering external insulation through the Green Deal. Martin is interested in sustainability and carbon reduction, reducing his energy bill and improving the comfort of his home. He has already installed a wood stove and is having an extension built.
He learned from his Green Deal assessment that he uses less energy than most people, which means that the financial saving won’t be as great as the text book example. He is a bit unsure about the interest rate for the Green Deal so might be interested in financing the work by some other route.

2. Annette Parmar

Annette lives in a Victorian terrace and she likes the features fireplaces, but not the draughts! She is looking to the Green Deal for resolve three problems:

1) The baby’s bedroom is at the back with two exposed walls and is cold
2) The exposed floor boards are very draughty
3) The secondary glazing is no longer sealed nor fit for purpose

Three solutions look appropriate – external wall insulation, floor insulation and new secondary glazing. Annette is motivated by rising fuel costs. She has had a Green Deal assessment and found it very helpful. She would be worried about doing solid wall insulation on the inside of the house because of the impact, for example, on the living room. As there is coving and a cupboard in the way she thinks this might be expensive.

3. Sandra Hayes

Sandra lives in an Edwardian house, built 1905 with solid walls and original sash windows. She has already installed loft insulation, secondary glazing and a new boiler.
Her Green Deal assessment indicated that solid wall and floor insulation would improve her house. She was pleased to discover that an ECO grant/subsidy (which is not means tested) may help her have solid wall insulation done.

More info 
Energy Saving Trust 0300 123 1234

SuperHomes assisted with the making of this video. SuperHomes are older homes refurbished to reduce carbon emissions by at least 60%. They open to the public in March and September.

The making of this video was supported by local councils with Green Deal Pioneer Places Funding from the Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Lead partners were:
Camden Council
Milton Keynes Council
West Oxfordshire District Council

Funding was awarded to a consortium of Local Authorities led by West Oxfordshire District Council.

The consortia comprises:

a. Aylesbury Vale District Council
b. Buckinghamshire County Council
c. Cherwell District Council
d. Chiltern District Council
e. Cotswold District Council
f. Central Bedfordshire Council
g. London Borough of Ealing
h. South Bucks District Council
i. Three Rivers District Council
j. Watford District Council
k. West Oxfordshire District Council
l. Wycombe District Council
m. Guildford Borough Council
n. Hertsmere Council
o. Luton Borough Council
p. South Oxfordshire District Council
q. Vale of White Horse Council
r. West Berkshire Council

Councils from this consortia are working together to establish Green Deal Together Community Interest Company which is working towards becoming a Green Deal Provider.