UK Green Open Home Networks

There are a growing number of Green Open Home Networks across the UK hosting annual events to encourage you to retrofit and refurbish your home. They usually take place in the months shown. For groups opening for the first time in 2014 also see the Green Open Homes website.

361 Green Doors

Open Days: September
Homes in Network: 15

This North Devon collective had an inaugural event in September 2013 showcasing renewable and energy saving technologies in 12 houses and 3 businesses.

Bristol Green Doors

Open Days: March and September
Homes in Network: 42

This local Bristol event offers the chance to speak to a large number of local homeowners who have made their homes energy smart, more comfortable, cleaner for the environment and cheaper to heat. The aim is to encourage the uptake of retrofitting or refurbishment of local homes. Nearly 2,000 visits were made to the Bristol Green Doors March 2012 event. This featured 40 homes showcasing a whole range of measures and technologies.

Brighton & Hove Eco Open Houses

Open Days: October
Homes in Network: 40

The Eco Open Houses network showcases a mix of old houses that have been retrofitted and improved and some that have just been built. The common feature is that they are cheaper to run and need less energy to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. The network’s first event was in 2008. Where else can you see an Earthship community centre made out of old car tyres and a university building constructed from ‘waste’?

Cambridge Open Eco Homes 

Open Days: May
Homes in Network: 25

Low energy venues in Cambridge and the surrounding villages – ranging from Victorian eco-refits to 1960s conversions and custom builds – opened their doors over 4 days for guided tours at the 2012 Open Eco Homes events. This annual eco-renovation event is organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint.

Faringdon Ecotrail Ecohouses

Open Days: June
Homes in Network: 24

During Faringdon ECOWEEK a good number of homeowners in and around Faringdon welcome visitors to share the successes and challenges involved in greening their homes and lifestyles. These events started in 2008.

Monmouthshire Eco Open Doors

Open Days: April
Properies in Network: 27

New eco-houses, a school, village hall and older refurbished houses open to the public. You can talk to the owners about their experience of saving energy. Installers are present in some cases to give more technical teedback. The first event took place in 2012.

Scotland’s Green Homes Network

Open Days: September
Homes in Network: 600

The Green Homes Network, a Scottish Government initiative managed by the Energy Saving Trust, was launched in 2011. The network provides individuals with the opportunity to visit a local home that has installed a renewable energy system. Visitors can find out first-hand how different renewables systems run in real homes and hear about actual costs and savings.


Open Days: March & September
Homes in Network: 150

SuperHomes are older properties renovated by their owners to reduce carbon emissions by at least 60%. These include Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and more modern properties. Attending the UK-wide open days is a great way to get a relaxed touch and feel experience of what it means to live with green technologies in a dramatically improved older home. 65 SuperHomes opened for the Open Days in March 2012.

Suffolk Green Buildings Network

Open Days: September
Buildings in Network: 34

This network provides access not only to green homes but also to green public, academic or commercial buildings, such as the UCS Waterfront Building. A visit is a way to find out about a range of intelligent design approaches including re-use of materials, use of renewables, water recycling and how to create healthy environments. The 2012 event featured 15 buildings across the county. It is supported by Suffolk County Council and University Campus Suffolk (UCS).

Transition Towns

Open Days: September and at other times
Homes in Network: Various regional clusters

Transition Town groups were amongst the first to step up to the mark and open the doors of their green homes to the public. There are now well established groups around the country, many of whom host smaller Open Day events. These are sometimes in conjunction with Heritage Open Days in September or as part of the larger local or national events listed above.

Bath Green Homes

Dorchester GreenDor

Cheltenham EcoHab

Forest of Dean & Newent Forest Eco Open Homes

Lewes Eco Open Houses (Open Days in Sept 2014)

Shrewsbury Green Doors

Southampton Open Homes Weekends

St Albans Energy Saving Homes Weekend

Stroud Eco-renovation Open Homes

West Bridgford Eco Open Houses

Wilmslow Green Doors

Please contact us with news of any major Green Open Home events we’ve missed out!